ALLOCATIONS TO UNITED WAY TORONTO & YORK REGION FUNDED AGENCIES (for the period April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018)

Community Services Sector Strategy

Agency Allocation
360⁰ Kids Support Services 150,000
519 Church Street Community Centre 194,318
Abrigo Centre 261,783
ACCES Employment 232,092
Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services 270,128
Adventure Place 79,266
Agincourt Community Services Association 534,534
Aisling Discoveries Child and Family Centre 297,058
Albion Neighbourhood Services 490,281
Alzheimer Society of York Region 74,669
Anishnawbe Health Toronto 186,925
Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic 201,416
Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care 306,081
Bernard Betel Centre for Creative Living 209,921
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto 388,219
Big Brothers Big Sisters of York 85,816
Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre 210,180
Bloor Information and Life Skills Centre 305,619
Blue Door Shelters 372,593
Braeburn Neighbourhood Place 411,067
Brands for Canada 8,230
Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture 237,193
Canadian Council on Social Development 48,789
Canadian Hearing Society - Toronto and Simcoe York Region 782,613
Canadian Mental Health Association Toronto Branch 616,205
Canadian Mental Health Association, York Region 192,956
Canadian Red Cross - Toronto and York Region 2,483,107
CANES Community Care 180,801
Carefirst Seniors & Community Services Association 476,756
Cedar Centre 184,160
Centre for Immigrant & Community Services of Ontario 648,147
Centre For Independent Living in Toronto (C.I.L.T.) Inc. 184,957
Centre For Spanish-Speaking Peoples 252,852
Centre francophone de Toronto 150,000
Child Development Institute 389,137
Chinese Family Services of Ontario 547,952
Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre 149,083
Circle of Care 219,422
Contribution to City of Toronto's Anti-Black Racism Youth Leadership Capacity Building Grants 150,000
CNIB - Toronto and York Region 1,168,191
College-Montrose Children's Place 220,833
Community Home Assistance to Seniors (CHATS) 238,605
Community Living Central York (formerly Community Living Newmarket/Aurora District) 82,073
Community Living Georgina 30,627
Community Living Toronto 843,232
Community Living York South 217,853
COSTI Immigrant Services 712,740
Cross-Cultural Community Services Association (The) 182,964
CultureLink Settlement Services 187,059
Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre 375,942
Delta Family Resource Centre 413,832
Distress Centres of Toronto 281,895
Dixon Hall 816,765
Doorsteps Neighbourhood Services 146,639
Dovercourt Boys' & Girls' Club 291,553
East Metro Youth Services 150,000
East Scarborough Boys' and Girls' Club 524,291
East Scarborough Storefront: A Project of Tides Canada Initiatives 150,000
Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre 338,030
Elizabeth Fry Toronto 505,067
Epilepsy Toronto 204,367
Ernestine's Women's Shelter 336,482
ESS Support Services 219,861
Family Day Care Services 488,803
Family Service Toronto 3,769,295
Family Services York Region 754,429
Findhelp Information Services 725,941
FoodShare Toronto 304,716
For Youth Initiative In Toronto 153,000
Fred Victor Centre 19,222
George Hull Centre for Children and Families (The) 117,700
Girls Incorporated of York Region 92,191
Good Shepherd Refuge Social Ministries 8,123
Haven Toronto 176,859
Heart Beatz/Cliffcrest Community Centre 68,480
Homes First Society 200,681
Hong Fook Mental Health Association 335,351
Horizons For Youth 189,124
Hospice Georgina 37,722
Interval House Inc. 194,498
Jamaican Canadian Association 268,309
Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre 742,687
Jericho Youth Services 72,147
Jessie's, The June Callwood Centre for Young Women 400,254
Jewish Family and Child Service of Greater Toronto 1,874,509
Jewish Free Loan Toronto 72,971
Job Skills 124,044
JobStart 171,791
John Howard Society of Toronto 512,775
John Howard Society of York Region 65,000
JVS Toronto 372,771
Labour Community Services of Toronto Inc. 689,995
LAMP Community Health Centre 409,588
Learning Centre for Georgina 102,673
Learning Disabilities Association of York Region 76,366
Literacy Council York-Simcoe 128,848
Lumacare 100,564
Macaulay Child Development Centre (The) 456,072
Malvern Family Resource Centre 468,819
March of Dimes Canada 289,371
Miles Nadal JCC 115,170
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada Toronto Chapter 141,780
NA-ME-RES (Native Men's Residence) 224,709
Native Canadian Centre of Toronto 247,976
Native Child and Family Services of Toronto 483,535
Nellie's 231,787
North York Community House 636,468
North York Seniors Centre 220,221
North York Women's Shelter 184,640
Northwood Neighbourhood Services 361,588
Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants 175,577
Ontario Nonprofit Network (trusteed by Toronto Neighbourhood Centres) 50,000
Opportunity for Advancement 376,989
P.O.I.N.T. Inc. (People and Organizations in North Toronto) 105,746
Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre (PARC) 150,000
Parkdale Community Information Centre 128,629
Planned Parenthood of Toronto 222,539
Prosserman Jewish Community Centre 491,279
Reconnect Community Health Services 290,854
Rexdale Women's Centre 487,126
S.E.A.S. Centre (Support Enhance Access Services Centre) 251,159
Sandgate, Women's Shelter of York Region Inc. 149,969
Scadding Court Community Centre 79,726
Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities 338,598
Scouts Canada - Greater Toronto Council 358,020
Second Mile Club of Toronto (integrated with Kensington Health Centre) 183,772
Self-Help Resource Centre of Greater Toronto 55,762
Settlement Assistance and Family Support Services 80,696
SickKids Centre for Community & Mental Health (formerly The Hincks-Dellcrest Centre) 307,104
Sistering-A Woman's Place 351,261
Skills for Change 247,202
Skylark Children, Youth and Families 323,334
Social Planning Toronto 623,640
Social Services Network 66,667
South Riverdale Community Health Centre 184,579
Springtide Resources Inc 196,889
SPRINT Senior Care 149,370
St. Alban's Boys' & Girls' Club 407,184
St. John the Compassionate Mission 8,323
St. Stephen's Community House 525,852
Storefront Humber Inc. 159,019
Street Health Community Nursing Foundation 9,323
Sunshine Centres for Seniors 87,589
Syme-Woolner Neighbourhood and Family Centre 211,938
The AIDS Committee of York Region 40,000
The Housing Help Centre 5,523
The Neighbourhood Group 1,024,733
The Redwood 175,564
The Stop Community Food Centre 8,323
The Vitanova Foundation 50,460
The York Centre for Children, Youth and Families 203,811
TNO - The Neighbourhood Organization (formerly Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office) 793,681
Times Change Women's Employment Service 157,284
Toronto Centre for Community Learning & Development 144,982
Toronto Christian Resource Centre 57,523
Toronto Community Hostel 219,128
Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs 289,468
Toronto Neighbourhood Centres 150,000
TransCare Community Support Services 199,804
Transition House Inc. 57,653
Tropicana Community Services Organization 455,872
Unison Health and Community Services 150,520
University Settlement 346,053
VHA Home HealthCare 1,009,571
Victim Services of York Region Inc. 121,122
Vita Community Living Services of Toronto 75,397
Volunteer Centre of Toronto 215,746
Warden Woods Community Centre 670,842
West Neighbourhood House 800,284
West Scarborough Neighbourhood Community Centre 534,258
West Toronto Support Services 159,145
Women's Centre of York Region 67,819
Women's Habitat of Etobicoke 350,192
WoodGreen Community Services 860,812
Working Women Community Centre 399,742
Wychwood Open Door Drop In Centre 8,423
Yellow Brick House 119,870
YMCA of Greater Toronto 1,312,881
Yonge Street Mission 11,822
York Region Food Network 50,000
Yorktown Child and Family Centre 466,586
Youth Assisting Youth 193,622
Youth Without Shelter 176,113
YOUTHLINK® 711,374
YWCA Toronto 1,466,931
TOTAL 61,835,439

Building Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy

Includes Action for Neighbourhood Change, Community Hubs, Strengthening the Hub Model Grants and Strength Investments
Agency Allocation
Crescent Town: Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services 253,000
Crescent Town: The Neighbourhood Group 100,000
Dorset Park: Agincourt Community Services Association 353,000
Eglinton East-Kennedy Park: Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities 311,000
Flemingdon Park-Victoria Village: Working Women Community Centre 353,000
Jamestown: Rexdale Community Hub 336,233
Jane-Finch: Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre 100,000
Kingston-Galloway: East Scarborough Storefront: A Project of Tides Canada Initiatives 100,000
Lawrence Heights: North York Community House 100,000
Malvern: Malvern Family Resource Centre 100,000
Scarborough Village: Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities 100,000
Steeles L'Amoreaux: Agincourt Community Services Association 100,000
Westminster-Branson: Unison Health and Community Services 353,000
Weston-Mt. Dennis: Macaulay Child Development Centre (The) 23,159
Weston-Mt. Dennis: Social Planning Toronto 100,000
Weston-Mt. Dennis: Unison Health and Community Services 253,000
Weston-Mt. Dennis: Yorktown Child and Family Centre 21,054
Legacy Project - WS YOU 177 (trusteed by Stouffville Pentecostal Church) 30,000
Neighbourhood Network - Network North (trusteed by Character Community Foundation of York Region) 30,000
TOTAL 3,116,446

Youth Success Strategy

Includes Career Navigator (supported in part by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services), YSS Development Grants, YSS Program Grants and netWORKS
Agency Allocation
360⁰ Kids Support Services 58,374
519 Church Street Community Centre 60,000
ACCES Employment 60,000
Aptus Treatment Centre 60,000
Canadian Hearing Society - Toronto and Simcoe York Region 112,664
CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals (trusteed by WoodGreen Community Services) 100,000
Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre 58,155
Community Living York South 22,140
COSTI Immigrant Services 93,979
Frontier College 60,000
Furniture Bank 60,000
Hospitality Workers' Training Centre (trusteed by Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre) 245,250
Jessie's, The June Callwood Centre for Young Women 60,000
JobStart 100,000
JVS Toronto 196,745
La Passerelle-I.D.E. (trusteed by Women's Health in Women's Hands) 60,000
Labour Education Centre (trusteed by Labour Community Services of Toronto Inc.) 219,470
Miziwe Biik Aboriginal Employment and Training 60,000
Native Child and Family Services of Toronto 60,250
NPower Canada 938,250
St. Stephen's Community House 519,923
TNO - The Neighbourhood Organization (formerly Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office) 194,187
Tropicana Community Services Organization 488,332
West Scarborough Neighbourhood Community Centre 60,000
WoodGreen Community Services 93,979
YMCA of Greater Toronto 70,000
Youth Leadership in Educational Attainment with Partners in Scarborough - Youth-LEAPS (trusteed by East Scarborough Boys' and Girls' Club) 65,000
TOTAL 4,176,699

Innovation Fund

Agency Allocation
Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic 25,000
East Scarborough Storefront: A Project of Tides Canada Initiatives 12,500
John Howard Society of Toronto 6,250
Northwood Neighbourhood Services 12,500
TOTAL 56,250

Toronto Enterprise Fund

The Toronto Enterprise Fund is a jointly funded program of the federal, provincial and municipal governments and United Way.
Agency Allocation
A-Way Express (operated by Applause Community Development Corporation) 10,000
All About Kindness (operated by Jessie's - June Callwood Centre for Young Women) 40,000
BlackBoard Marketing (operated by The Remix Project) 38,000
Building Up (trusteed by Eva's Initiatives) 85,000
Carefirst Cleaning (operated by Carefirst Seniors & Community Services Association) 34,400
Cedar Basket Youth (operated by Native Canadian Centre of Toronto) 35,250
College Street Café (operated by Working for Change) 45,000
Eva's Print Shop (operated by Eva's Initiatives) 38,838
Free Geek Toronto (operated by CyberEquality) 27,550
Friends' Catering Company (operated by Fred Victor Centre) 38,637
Furniture Bank 67,000
Hawthorne Food & Drink (operated by Hospitality Workers' Training Centre) 85,000
Interpreter Service Toronto (operated by Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic) 29,110
Jubilee Designs (operated by Yonge Street Mission) 40,000
KLINK Coffeee (operated by John Howard Society of Toronto) 43,000
Out of This World Café (operated by Working for Change) 102,200
Parkdale Green Thumb Enterprises (operated by Working for Change) 97,356
reBOOT 15,000
Social Entrerprise Toronto (trusteed by Canadian Community Economic Development Network - CCEDNet) 15,000
Social Supermarket (operated by Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre) 2,000
Spread The Love Bridal Boutique (operated by Dawn House Services and Housing for Women Inc.) 2,000
Switchback Cyclery (operated by Sanctuary Ministries) 49,280
The Coop Bakery (operated by West End Food Cooperative) 25,000
The Green House (operated by Developing and Nurturing Independence (DANI)) 17,500
The PATCH Project (operated by STEPS - Sustainable Thinking and Expression on Public Space) 21,000
The Silver Brush (operated by Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre) 55,000
YouthSpeak Performance Charity 6,659
TOTAL 1,064,780

Transition Funding

Agency Allocation
Agreenculture - Food Not Lawns (trusteed by FoodShare Toronto) 400
Maytree Foundation 16,000
Mowat Centre for Policy Innovations, School of Public Policy & Governance, University of Toronto 60,000
Ontario Nonprofit Network (trusteed by Toronto Neighbourhood Centres) 46,125
Sistering-A Woman's Place 60,000
Working Women Community Centre 64,996
TOTAL 247,521

There are donor directed one-time gifts to the community that are not reflected in this list.